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November 15, 2011

  The inimitable Nancy Dell’Olio is waltzing her way to Erotica 2011 next Friday (November 18th) to get the party started – and no one will judge her! TO VIEW THE PHOTOS FROM THE SHOW CLICK HERE  http://celebrityphotosuk.com/  WARNING: The content in this gallery contains adult images Nancy, who gamely gave the nation a giggle […]


May 1, 2011

today was a really early start 3am (i must me nuts) i made my way to  Magdalen Bridge Oxford with about 7000 other people  to hear choristers sing hymns at dawn from the tower at Magdalen College,over the years some of Oxford students  have got very drunk aand jumped off  the bridge The tradition dates from the 17th Century.the only thing is in the […]

il primo matrimonio mai nudo nel Regno Unito

March 17, 2011

il voto più e il suo grande giorno di oggi, i vincitori del matrimonio Naked BRMB hanno vinto il loro matrimonio da sogno, con il 65% dei voti ascoltatore, Kelly Clinton e Widget Lee da ovest Brainwash stanno andando verso l’altare oggi – nudo. Kelly e Lee sono stati insieme per 11 anni ma ci sono sempre stati priorità finanziarie impedendo loro di avere il matrimonio che volevano. Essi ritengono che questa sarà una grande festa di famiglia – e di essere nudo non detiene alcuna vera paura per loro! Il couplesays felice: “E […]

uka mariage d’abord nu

March 16, 2011

le scrutin et son le jour grand aujourd’hui, les vainqueurs du Mariage Nu de brmb ont gagné leur mariage de rêve, Avec 65 % du vote d’auditeur, Kelly Clinton et Bidules de Côté sous le vent de l’Ouest Font un lavage de cerveau descendent l’allée aujourd’hui – nu. Kelly et Côté sous le vent ont été ensemble […]

naked wedding today

March 15, 2011

the voting over and its the big day today ,the winners of brmb’s Naked Wedding have won their dream wedding, With 65% of the listener vote, Kelly Clinton and Lee Widgets from West Brainwash are going down the aisle today – naked. Kelly and Lee have been together for 11 years but there have always […]

blood lust ball

March 4, 2011

well i have just been loading all my archives to new and improved celebrityphotosuk.com web site and found these photos from the blood lust ball ,what a night loads of people dressed up, PRINCESS BEATRICE and her new friend walking into a photo call ,don’t know who was more surprised her or us.we had zombies models popping […]