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naked wedding today

the voting over and its the big day today ,the winners of brmb’s Naked Wedding have won their dream wedding, With 65% of the listener vote, Kelly Clinton and Lee Widgets from West Brainwash are going down the aisle today – naked.
Kelly and Lee have been together for 11 years but there have always been financial priorities preventing them from having the wedding that they wanted. They feel that this will be a great family celebration – and being naked holds no real fear for them!
The happy couple says:“It’s a dream come true for us both – things like this don’t come round often. It’s an amazing competition and prize!”The all-expenses paid wedding takes place at the Honiley Court Hotel .I wish the all the best and that the heats on for lee!

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  1. brmb’s naked wedding – rings all the right bells!

    brmb’s naked wedding has been hailed a great success. The ceremony went off smoothly to the delight of the bride and groom.

    The bride Kelly Clinton expressed her feelings after the wedding breakfast:

    “The build up to the wedding was shattering as I was extremely nervous. It was a whirlwind trying to get everything sorted in such a short space of time. All I could think was that we would have to be naked in front of our family members – a scary thought. But when the day came I told myself to just go through with it and I am so happy I did. As I entered the room for the ceremony our friends and relatives were smiling I felt so much calmer and began to enjoy it.”

    Lee added, “Considering we were both naked! I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, the arrival in that beautiful Rolls Royce was astonishing. The applause as we entered that room was so encouraging and so spontaneous.”

    Mr and Mrs Wiggetts were married at the Honiley Court Hotel near Warwick in a perfect ceremony at which the couple appeared naked apart from some expertly applied body paint.

    And when asked would they recommend a naked wedding. Kelly said:

    “You always want your wedding to be a memorable day and this was it – in every way.”

    brmb programme director Paul Kaye said:

    “As an event it was genuinely emotional. I know a lot of the brmb staff had invested a great deal in setting up the wedding and in looking after the happy couple. It was quite a day for all of us. The brmb listeners were genuinely involved in the vote and it was a great experience for everyone.”

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