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today was a really early start 3am (i must me nuts) i made my way to  Magdalen Bridge Oxford with about 7000 other people  to hear choristers sing hymns at dawn from the tower at Magdalen College,over the years some of Oxford students  have got very drunk aand jumped off  the bridge The tradition dates from the 17th Century.the only thing is in the 17th century the water was deeper ,no one was throwing things like bikes,shopping trolleys and just about any nasty thing you can think of into the water!  drunk  future world leaders jumping  into a shopping trolley in shallow water is not really a good idea,this year is the first time no one jumped,there were no broken bones ,cuts of students being pulled out of the water by the emergency services.  Oxford city council put up barriers on the bridge had security to stop the jumpers ,but as you know some of these students are very clever and decided to wait until the barriers were down and the security went .you could see then standing looking over the bridge thinking will i live if i jump into 2 ft of water,the anser is no! no one jumped this year.a small group  did go for a swim  in the cold water safe enough you say  havent you ever heard off  Weil’s disease , an infection carried in rats urine which contaminates water and banks of lakes, ponds and rivers, you couldnt pay we to get in that water you can see  all the may morning photos at http://celebrityphotosuk.com/


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