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Top five Toy Fair tech toys chosen by UK’s leading tech event Gadget Show Live; Toy Fair – 22-24 January 2012, Olympia, London
HolograFX has been awarded the title of Top Tech Toy at Toy Fair from the organisers of Gadget Show Live, the UK’s leading consumer tech event.

This is the second year the Gadget Show Live team has handed out the honours at Toy Fair, and the top five, chosen from the thousands of toys being launched at Olympia in London, are:

1st place: HolograFX, John Adams – £32.99 – £39.99 (TBC)
Katie Tozer from the Gadget Show Live said: “This toy blew me away. Not only was it like nothing I’ve ever seen before but I can also see it growing and growing in the future. It comes with an app on your phone, staging areas and built-in holographic characters, but the most impressive feature is that you can record yourself or your friends who then can be zapped on stage as a holograph with sound.”

2nd place: LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO – £299.99
“The most amazing Lego I’ve ever seen. Five toys in one all move, interact and look amazing. I don’t know if I can wait until August to get my hands on it.”

3rd place: TEKSTA, Character Options- £59.99
“This is a really cute robotic puppy, which can complete fantastic skills such as walking, dancing, singing and backflips. He even sleeps and snores.”

4th place: The Playskool Show Cam, Hasbro – £59.99
“This camera has loads of great features; my favourite feature is that you can project your pictures onto a wall/ceiling and add sound effects.”

5th place: Gadget Lab range, Re:creation (microscope lens – £12.99)
“This is great – it fits onto your phone camera lens to create a microscope.”

“There were so many fantastic gadgets at Toy Fair this year it was incredibly difficult to choose a final five,” added Katie Tozer. “All five toys are great fun and I would also urge toy fans to keep an eye out for Bandai’s Ben 10 Omniverse range with its new Omni-net Omnitrix coming out in August, Meccano’s Rabbids range, BG Marketing’s RockBoard out in March and Flair’s Doc McStuffins interactive doll.

John Adams’ HolograFX, Character Options’ TEKSTA, Bandai’s Ben 10 Omni-net Omnitrix and Flair’s Doc McStuffins doll were also voted among the Toy Fair 2013 Best New Toy Awards at Toy Fair yesterday. Toy Fair is the UK’s only trade exhibition dedicated to the toy, game and hobby market and 2013 marks its 60th anniversary


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