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New dates added for sold-out Secret Cinema production; run extended until February 24th


‘Frighteningly immersive’ (The Telegraph)
‘Secret Cinema smashes the through the screen’ (Agence France-Presse)

Tuesday 22nd January 2013 – Future Cinema has reopened Secret Cinema’s sold out production of
The Shawshank Redemption (which originally ran October 31st – December 2nd 2012), giving audiences
another opportunity to experience living in the world’s most popular film (as voted by IMDb users). Jail
time has been extended until February 24th. Court times can be booked here: www.futurecinema.co.uk/

This is the first time a Secret Cinema production has reopened as a Future Cinema project. See previous
inmates’ testimonies at #timeforjail.

The State of Oak Hampton faces yet again a serious-crime wave following reports of an incoming snow-
storm. To counteract the State’s fall into debauchery and vice, Warden Samuel Norton of the Oak Hampton
Penitentiary revives his acclaimed rehabilitation programme, where, over the course of two months in late
2012, more than 13,500 prisoners were rehabilitated and released without any known relapses.

The Old Cardinal Pole School (formerly a French Protestant hospital) is transformed into the Shawshank
Penitentiary, where for a limited time only, audiences can spend an evening in jail. Serving time in one of the
most corrupt and formidable penitentiaries in the state, parole is granted to those who redeem themselves by
displaying good conduct and joining the various cultural activities in the prison.

Mesmerised members of the audience describe the show as ‘one of the highlights of 2012’, matching and
excelling previous productions as a ‘unique experience’ leaving them ‘shocked and speechless’. The immersive
experience revives the narrative of The Shawshank Redemption, allowing each guest to see, feel and breathe
the film. From sharing a cell with Red to working in the prison laundry, Future Cinema offers the one-off
opportunity to become a part of the movie – and yes, there is a screening too.

In 2012, Future Cinema saw over 195,000 people attend 15 productions featuring work with more than 50
contributors, partners and local community including: Amnesty International, PEN International, Penguin,
Foyles, Save the Children, Victorinox, Malaria No More UK, St John, Panalux, Diageo, Dolby, Diageo, London
Design Festival Virgin Trains, and Candlemakers of London. Throughout the year, 300+ actors brought our
worlds to life and our audience inside these spaces, while a crew of over 400 production and art staff made
these complex and daring visions a reality.

Future Cinema’s education, training and “Secret Student” apprenticeship programme delivered: 180
University placements; 88 trained fire marshals; 76 NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) event stewarding
qualifications; 10 BA Performance Design and Practice for Central Saint Martin’s students; 4 BA Technical
Theatre Guildhall School of Music and Drama Students; 3 BA Production Lighting Royal Central School of
Speech and Drama Students and 2 MA Creative Production Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Highlights from 2012 productions included surprise performances, props and sets including: a
hydroponic garden including 2,000 plants, 1,500 test tubes in a penicillin lab, 500 letters of support to
imprisoned journalists (PEN International), 200 Pink Lady jackets, 4 3D screening rooms, 4 1940s vintage
busses, 20,000 cans of splurge, 1,500 prison uniforms (sourced from one-fourth Denmark’s prison population
as a tribute to Denmark’s world penal system); original specialty props from Prometheus film set including 2 x
Rovers, Flight Deck and Quad Bike; Sam Lee, a Mercury nominated folk singer and local Hackney musician,
and Tonia Sotiropoulou, actress and ‘Skyfall’ Bondgirl who featured as Rita Hayworth.


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