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santa tracker

December 12, 2011

las luces de Navidad están en todas partes, el país de las maravillas de invierno está abierto en Londres, la bola de jingle bell es sobre hizo el photocall para el sur del Pacífico en la Feria de Navidad en el teatro nuevo, por lo que su tiempo para iniciar el conteo navideño de abajo y santa tracker […]


April 10, 2011

it’s the warmest day of the year the kids are out somewhere and i have an hour free , so im moving my old archives to my new website http://celebrityphotosuk.com/ ,have added the blood lust ball,brmb live and  river island today ,if you’re in the photo  and want a copy send me a message through the web site and i will email it back to […]

john barrowman photos

March 27, 2011

hello all you john barrowman fans thanks for all the messages saying my john barrowman archives have gone,you will be glad to know i am loading all my pics of john tonight to my new web site hope you like them.this is the new web site celebrityphotosuk.com and if you want to jump to johns photos heres the link http://celebrityphotosuk.com/ special […]

knuckle up the new bread 5

March 6, 2011

well last night was a first for me i was invited to knuckle up the new bread 5 (cage fighting)in bath by the little deanjail as a VIP guest this was the first time in 20 years i have ever gone to any event to watch and not take photos ,unfortunately i only lasted about 2 minutes till i got the camera […]