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Govan Zachariah is the second person out of the big brother house

June 27, 2010

Govan Zachariah Hinds 21 has become the second person to get the boot from the Big Brother 11 house in an all-male eviction battle.The 21-year-old from Leicester – who had been the bookies’ favourite for the chop – scored a whopping 72 per cent of the public vote ahead of fellow nominees to view photos […]

big brother

June 19, 2010

rachael white the first evictee from the BIG BROTHER HOUSE why is it that its the nice sane person out of the house and all the freeks and nuttersare the last out.well i think its the people voteing at home are total nut jobs and need to get a life 18/06/2010

The freak show is back on for the last time

June 10, 2010

big brother is back on for the last time on channel four ,i already know who i hope wins and gets kicked out first.the Rocky horror show has nothing on these people.to view more photos go to http://celebriyphotos.fotopic.net