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Madonna World Tour 2012

February 7, 2012

 Madonna is having a huge party and everyone’s invited! click here to se madonna,s last visit to london http://celebrityphotosuk.photoshelter.com/gallery/W-E-UK-premiere/G0000ByUEUyiSGto/     The Madonna 2012 World Tour begins May 29th 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel, it was officially announced by Live Nation Entertainment, the tour’s international promoter.  The shows will include arenas, stadiums and special outdoor sites including the Plains […]

JUSTIN BIEBER global superstar

February 17, 2011

Well what a strange day it was went to the 02 in london as soon as i turned up there were girls screaming,crying and fainting then the penny dropped they were there to see justin biebe and not me,there were thousands of them at London’s O2 Cineworld as it hosted the 3D event of the year with global superstar JUSTIN BIEBER meeting […]