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Prototypes and breathtaking new concepts at Gadget Show Live – 9-13 April, Birmingham NEC
24 March 2014: The technology of tomorrow will be showcased in less than two weeks at the Future Tech Project at Gadget Show Live. This area of the show, dedicated to products not shown publicly in the UK before, brings together prototypes and ground-breaking designs from developers around the world.

A world first for visitors, the GameVice will premiere at the show. The prototype attaches to the sides of a tablet to act as a next generation games controller. Visitors will also be treated to the Chocabyte, a 3D printer that makes chocolates which is being shown for the first time in the UK. They’ll also see OneWheel, the revolutionary one-wheeled electric skateboard, the Double low-cost robot, and get to try out Mogees, an app and sensor, which will turn any ordinary object into a musical instrument.

Gadget Show Live event director Sally Bent commented: “This year’s Future Tech Project is characterised by some great designs – products that will make our lives easier and enhance the way we work and play. The zone will give visitors a great insight into the technologies of the future. And who can resist a printer that makes chocolate?”
Based on the popular Channel Five television programme, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, Gadget Show Live is the leading consumer tech event in the UK showcasing amazing gadgets from around 200 exhibitors. It takes place from 9-13 April at the NEC in Birmingham.

Future Tech Project – the products
Jon Bentley, presenter of The Gadget Show, shared his thoughts on each of the cutting-edge products in this year’s Future Tech Project:

Wikipad Inc  – Gamevice

World exclusive

Wikipad will showcase a prototype of the Gamevice, the next generation mobile games controller, for the first time anywhere in the world at Gadget Show Live. Gamevice deploys a patented ‘Flex Bridge’ design which allows two halves of a controller to attach to the sides of a tablet allowing for use on a wide range of tablets and mobile phones, turning them into portable gaming machines. Gamevice is incredibly responsive thanks to its patented design and ergonomic controls, allowing users to get the best out of any type of games, including shooters, adventures and racing titles.  <gp_link loc=”//www.wikipad.com” type=”http”>http://www.wikipad.com

Jon Bentley: “Tablets are increasingly being used to play games and this device takes that one logical step further.”

Bike Systems – Bike HUD

British designed and manufactured

UK Launch at Gadget Show Live

The first and only head-up display available for motorcyclists. Bike HUD has a flexible and affordable in-helmet display that communicates speed, engine revs, gear selection, turn indicators and more using graphics, colour and sound – all without distracting the rider.  <gp_link loc=”//www.bike-hud.com/” type=”http”>www.bike-hud.com/

Jon Bentley: “An innovative and flexible piece of design that helps bikers concentrate on riding without looking down at the instruments. Great for track days and road use.”

Future Motion Inc – OneWheel

UK launch at Gadget Show Live

Onewheel is the world’s first self-balancing, electric, skateboard. The Onewheel is an entirely new breed of light electric vehicle that turns any arduous commute into an awesome ride. Riders can accelerate up to 12mph just by leaning toward their front foot.This will be the first time a Onewheel will be ridden in the UK. <gp_link loc=”//rideonewheel.com” type=”http”>http://rideonewheel.com

Jon Bentley: “Everyone is going to want to have a go on the Onewheel – a really clever mechanism and surprisingly easy to control.”

Incident Technologies – gTar plus Sequence app

UK launch at Gadget Show Live

This interactive guitar uses LEDs in the frets to show you how to play songs and sensor technology to detect where your fingers are playing. Available music includes songs from the The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Sequence is a brand new, free of charge app for gTar which will be launched at Gadget Show Live. Sequence was initially designed to be used on the gTar, but will also work as a standalone app, a musical application that allows anyone to compose beats, songs, and melodies on the fly with no previous musical skills. <gp_link loc=”//www.incidentgtar.com” type=”http”>http://www.incidentgtar.com

Jon Bentley: “So many people would love to be able to play the guitar. They’re sure to embrace an app that helps you get to grips with the correct technique.”

FitBark – FitBark

UK launch at Gadget Show Live

FitBark is a tiny wireless activity monitor for man’s best friend. Made in the shape of a tiny stylish dog-bone, FitBark attaches easily on to any collar and collects activity data 24/7, helping owners feel connected with their dogs throughout the day. Via the Fit-Bark mobile app, owners will receive unprecedented insights into their dog’s health and lifestyle so that they’ll know when to take action. <gp_link loc=”//fitbark.com” type=”http”>http://fitbark.com

Jon Bentley: “It’s not just a lifestyle accessory for dog lovers, Fitbark will also be incredibly useful as a health monitoring tool. After all, dogs can’t tell us when they feel a bit off-colour, but this device can.”

Rethink Robots – NAO Humanoid, Baxter Research, and Double robots Rethink Robots specialises in robots which work uniquely with their surroundings and with people. The company will be launching Double, a robot specifically for use as a telecommuting tool. Double is a great way to stay in touch with colleagues, friends and family.  It can be used by everyone, enhancing their everyday lives from workers in offices through to sight-seers in museums. <gp_link loc=”//www.rethinkrobotics.com/” type=”http”>http://www.rethinkrobotics.com/

Jon Bentley: “We’re just beginning to see how robotics may become more affordable in the years ahead – the potential for growth in this market is enormous.”

Mogees  Ltd – Mogees

British designed and manufactured

Mogees is an innovative new way for everyone to let their musical imagination run wild, transforming the objects around us into unique and powerful musical instruments. Mogees consists of a mobile app and a small sensor that detects and analyses the vibrations that we make when we interact with the objects around us, and uses a special sound technique to alter their acoustic properties so as to make them musical. <gp_link loc=”//mogees.co.uk” type=”http”>http://mogees.co.uk

Jon Bentley: “A fascinating way for anyone, using anything, to express themselves in music.”

Solid Idea – Chocabyte The world’s first affordable personalised chocolate 3D printer enables you to print out chocolates in around 10 minutes, ready to eat. <gp_link loc=”//www.solididea.com/” type=”http”>http://www.solididea.com/

Jon Bentley: “A clever idea that’s perfect for extending the appeal of 3D printing to a wider audience.

CUER – Resolution  solar-powered racing car

British designed and manufactured

Resolution is the newest prototype car from CUER, Cambridge University Eco Racing, and was built to race in Australia in the World Solar Challenge 2013. It has the world’s most efficient terrestrial photovoltaic (solar cell) system combined with a tracking system that follows the sun in its trajectory. The car is built fully out of carbon fibre composites and includes an additional solar concentrator system developed specifically for this vehicle. <gp_link loc=”//www.cuer.co.uk/cars/resolution/” type=”http”>www.cuer.co.uk/cars/resolution/

Jon Bentley: “The Resolution is a superb way to demonstrate the power that can be harnessed by solar technology.

NFC Ring The NFC Ring is secure wearable tech that can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones, transfer information and link people without the need for charging.  At Gadget Show Live, the current range, the Stealth Bomber, V1ntage, Classic and Signature will be available for pre-order, plus a selection of prototype designs.

The NFC Ring was originally designed to interface with a digital door lock. It quickly became obvious that the same technology could be used to unlock mobile phones and share information. In the future it could be used to open your house, start your car and make payments. <gp_link loc=”//nfcring.com” type=”http”>http://nfcring.com

Jon Bentley: “A great piece of wearable tech. Wonderfully simple. One ring to rule them all indeed.”

Further details on all the products and exhibitors in the Future Tech Project are available on request.

– ends –
Tickets for Gadget Show Live are available to buy now at <gp_link loc=”//www.gadgetshowlive.net” type=”http”>www.gadgetshowlive.net

Opening hours for the Gadget Show Live are as follows:
Wednesday 9th April      9:00-17:00
Thursday 10th April         9:00-17:00
Friday 11th April               9:00-18:00
Saturday 12th April          9:00-18:00
Sunday 13th April             9:00-18:00

Gadget Show Live ticket prices:

Please note a £0.99 booking fee applies per purchase in advance
Standard tickets
Adult Wednesday-Friday                                              £15.99
Child Wednesday-Friday                                               £8.99
Adult Saturday-Sunday                                                 £17.99
Child Saturday-Sunday                                                  £10.99

Super Theatre
Standard (lower)                                                              £11.00
Standard (upper)                                                             £9.00
Premium                                                                             £16.00 SOLD OUT
Front row                                                                            £30.00 SOLD OUT

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