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Snow surprise

Whipsnade’s elephants keep cool with 20 tonnes of snow


As the summer scorcher continues to sweep the country, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s elephants are set to beat the heat with a jumbo delivery – of 20 tonnes of snow.

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The herd’s play paddock will be coated in a thick blanket of snow as it’s transformed into a winter wonderland – complete with snowmen – for them to play with.


The extra special snowfall comes from The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead as part of its Beat the Heat summer campaign, and will see their technicians getting up at 5am to prepare for the Zoo’s very unseasonal delivery.


Not only will the snow help to keep the elephants cool, it’s also the perfect summer enrichment; sparking their curiosity and playful natures as they roll in it and make snowballs with their trunks.


Assistant curator of elephants, Lee Sambrook, said “We’re always looking for new ways to keep our elephants cool in this heat, and the youngsters especially love having new things to investigate so we’re expecting them to love their snowy surprise.”

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