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Look out, lemurs about First glimpse of new home at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


ring-tailed lemursSix ring-tailed lemurs have had the first glimpse of their new island home at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo after travelling almost 200 miles from the Netherlands. click here to see all the photos http://celebrityphotosuk.photoshelter.com/gallery/lemurs-new-home-at-ZSL-whipsnade-zoo/G0000TD6OEAn9GXg/

The girls – called Chloe, Hannelies, Daphne, Helene, Naomi, and Pien – have been busy exploring their brand new island, complete with trees, logs and climbing ropes for them to scamper across.

Designed especially for the new arrivals, the island lets the feisty females exercise their natural foraging and acrobatic behaviours, mimicking the unique island of Madagascar from where lemurs originate.

Keeper Hayley Jakeman said: “The girls were a bit cautious to start with but it only took one confident lemur to lead the way – once she ventured out onto the island, the others soon followed and there was no stopping them.

“All six of them are really enjoying exploring their new home and have been spotted climbing high up in the trees, leaping about and enjoying the sunshine; it’s fantastic to see them settling in so quickly.”

Ring-tailed lemurs are under threat in the wild and it is hoped that Whipsnade’s new arrivals will be joined by a group of males in the future to become part of the European Breeding Programme.

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