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All I want for Christmas is food!

  • Meerkats Letters to Santa (c) ZSL London Zoo 

    All I want for Christmas is food!

    Meerkats post wish lists to Santa from ZSL London Zoo


    ZSL London Zoo’s merry mob of meerkats posted their letters to Santa with a request for tasty mealworms at the top of the list.

     Given the miniature postbox and insect-stuffed letters as part of their daily enrichment, the meerkats delved straight into the toy mailbox and foraged through the envelopes which were full of their favourite treats. to view all the photos click here http://celebrityphotosuk.photoshelter.com/gallery-list

     Keeper Tegan McPhail said: “There are four youngsters in this group who all clambered around the miniature post box to get to their snacks -it would seem that they’re just as excited for Christmas as we are.


    “They’ve all been good this year, so I’m sure they’ll get what they asked for!”

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