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Leander the two-toed sloth

Leander the two-toed sloth
Leander the two-toed sloth enjoys a tasty platter of his favourite foods at ZSL London Zoo to celebrate his arrival from Germany

Leander’s name originates from the Greek word for ‘lion’, but keepers have noticed he’s a little shyer than his moniker would suggest.

Welcoming the new addition with the tasty dish, keeper Tegan McPhail has high hopes for his future at the Zoo: “We’re really hoping that Leander will hit it off with our female sloth Marilyn.

“Although he’s a bit shy at the moment, he’s a young and handsome chap, so we’re hoping she’ll fall for his charms and we’ll be celebrating some more new arrivals in the future.”Joining the Zoo’s Rainforest Life exhibit, which is already home to a female sloth, Marilyn, Leander moved to ZSL London Zoo from Germany as part of a conservation breeding programme

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