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MOON NAZIS INVADE TEXAS, TRAILER HITS MAGICAL MILLION IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS South by Southwest picks Iron Sky for Midnight program, while the new trailer reaches over 1 million views in just under 24 hours! Iron Sky, a science fiction comedy about the return of the Nazis who fled to the Dark Side of the Moon, will be first seen in the United States at the South by Southwest Film Festival, where the film has been chosen as part of the Midnight program. Although a US distribution deal is not yet in place, the producer Tero Kaukomaa is hoping to close one soon – negotiations are under way. “Opening the film at South by Southwest in US is a perfect match for Iron Sky”, says producer Kaukomaa. “The film soars to new frontiers with the production methods we’ve used. We have gathered over 1 million dollars from our fans as part of the 10 million dollar budget, and the creative collaboration process behind the production with the fans has been a real pioneer experience.” Using social media, the film has reached an audience of millions with practically no marketing budget. The filmmakers have included the community in the financing as well as the creative process. “But it’s not just that. The film is damn good, and looks like a hundred million dollars”, Kaukomaa adds. Interest in the film is growing rapidly. The theatrical trailer, which was released on Wednesday, received over 1 million views in under 24 hours, a record-breaking amount, and was featured in major publications like Wired and BoingBoing and even made it’s way to the front page of YouTube. “I have to say, I’m amazed how far and wide the word of Iron Sky has spread”, says director Timo Vuorensola. “The little funny film we came up with sitting in a Sauna six years ago has become quite a phenomenon worldwide.” The film is having it’s international premiere in just few days at Berlin International Film Festival, at Panorama Special selection, on 11th of February. “Yes, I’m scared”, admits the director. “All of the work, the love and the care we’ve put into this film boils down to this premiere on Saturday. But I’m confident everything will go well; the film is good, really fun and looks gorgeous.”


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