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 Golden Union, an independent, family-run fish and chips shop in Soho,ro view all the photos click here http://celebrityphotosuk.photoshelter.com/gallery-list  hosted their third annual EATT event where celebrities including Rachel Stevens, Aldo Zilli, Allen Leech and Jessica-Jane Clement volunteered to serve up free meals to London’s homeless young people supported by the charity Centrepoint. EATT, or Eat At The Table, is aimed to give homeless young people from Centrepoint’s Soho hostels the opportunity to come and tuck into delicious, warm fish and chips served up by Golden Union. Not only does Billy Drew, the owner of the establishment, believe that Britain’s favourite meal should be served in a relaxed, authentic atmosphere, but he also believes fish and chips should never break the bank. Kiran James, 23, was one of the young people who came along. He commented, “It is such a great event and nice to be able to enjoy some quality food in a restaurant amongst friends. Rachel [Stevens] was really nice and had a little chat with us while we enjoyed our fish and chips!”. The event was a huge success, and Rachel, Aldo, and Jessica-Jane had a great time donning their aprons and serving up some fish, chips, pies, and sausages, to the lovely Centrepoint young people, who all raved about the quality of Golden Union’s offerings. The guests were offered a sizable menu to choose from, as well as a drinks selection and sides. Among the favourites were the cod and haddock, as well as the saveloy sausages and of course, the chips and milkshakes. “We are really excited to be part of this project for the third time. Homeless young people are like anyone else. Centrepoint support over 1,200 16-25 year olds every year and though they may have had a tougher time than others, they deserve to be treated with the same respect. Eat At The Table does this and looks to spread good past the festive season,” shares John Raynham, Head of Fundraising at Centrepoint. “EATT was one of our most popular events last year, and one that really made a difference to the community around us. We’re so pleased to be able to give the homeless a chance to dine at the table again, especially during this cold winter,” noted Kerry, co-owner of Golden Union. Golden Union was proud to be able to offer some homeless Londoners a warm dinner on one of the coldest nights of the year. The famous chippy is located on 38 Poland Street in Soho, and offers traditional favourites cooked to order.

There was some chatter amongst the Centrepoint young people about a reunion of S-Club 7. When Rachel Stevens was asked by one of the youths if the band had any plans to get back together she smiled and said she couldn’t comment and that they would “have to wait and see!” with a wink. When S Club Party was played, some of the young people from Centrepoint danced and pointed at Rachel who laughed and pretended to mime the words.
When ‘The Real Hustle’ and ‘Jungle’ star Jessica-Jane Clement even got some cooking tips from Michelin Star Chef, Aldo Zilli, who was more than happy to get to know all of the celebrities, as well as the young people. Downton Abbey’s Allen Leech seemed to enjoy getting stuck into serving up the nation’s favourite food too.

Rachel Stevens:  “I’ve always wanted to do something like this before, where you can really give something back to the community. It’s a fantastic cause.”
Jessica-Jane Clement:  “It’s so nice to be able to be a part of this charity event. Centrepoint is a brilliant charity and it’s nice to be able to serve fish and chips from Golden Union; it’s one of my favourite foods and it’s gone down so well with everyone!”.
Aldo Zilli: “I’m having a great time and it’s nice to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and serving nice warm food on what’s got to be the coldest night of the year.”


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