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Continue to build and recreate epic battles between the United Nations Space Command (UNSC)
forces and the Covenant from the legendary Halo universe with the new range of Halo Authentic
Collector’s Series from MEGA Bloks.

This Christmas reinforce your army collection with new UNSC and Covenant vehicles and units
and then take your fight to exciting iconic Halo battle sites and
command centres!

Begin your c
ollection with the all newHalo Series 3 Hero packs
and chase all the UNSC & Covenant characters that the Halo
Universe has to offer. The assorted UNSC and Covenant characters
are combined with key weaponry from game play and come with a
block display stand. Packaged in a deluxe foil bag, each pack comes
with a complete collector guide. You might even be lucky enough to
find the highly desirable limited edition figurines!

Not to be missed off the Christmas list are the newHalo ODST Drop
Pods including two brand NEW Covenant Drop Pods and two NEW
ODST Drop Pods. With cool features such as the new colour variants
and weapon, the drop pods have been revamped to keep up with
rapidly advancing technology in aviation.

Halo fans can establish
their aerial UNSC

their army and expand
vehicles collection with
the new Halo UNSC
Falcon or the ‘Warthog
of the Skies’. Featuring
rotating propellers and
an opening cockpit, fans
will be taken into a

world of action packed combat to master the battlefield and defeat the enemy. Construct the
heavily armed UNSC Falcon and control it as it takes off from the buildable landing pad to fly
UNSC troops into battle. Whilst a silver UNSC Pilot guides
the aircraft, the Mark V Air Assault Spartan aims
with a
side mounted M247H Heavy Machine Gun, shooting
Covenant infantry and vehicles.

The UNSC Rockethog vs. Anti Aircraft Gunpits a UNSC
favourite versus a massive Covenant Type-38 Tyrant anti
aircraft gun with its rotating head, articulated legs and edge glow parts! The set also includes
Hazop Spartan, Marine, Combat Elite and Jump Pack Brute.

Bringing the Halo collection to life is the new
Covenant Phantom , the ultimate drop ship
used by the Covenant. This Type-52 is heavily
armed with three plasma turrets that fully
rotate 360 degrees, has opening cargo doors
and comes with NEW Arbiter mini-figure and
Crimson Ascetic Elite.

Fighting the powerful Covenant force is the NEW
Elephant, a cool vehicle that delivers a completely
unique play pattern to the range. Not only will the
Elephant act as a vehicle to join troops on the battlefield
but it can also be used as a mobile command base and
repair unit, letting boys garrison UNSC troops and deploy
sustained missions from their very own mobile base
Featuring rotating cranes for lifting, a UNSC Mongoose
and two new figures; the Blue Recon Spartan and Marine,
the UNSC Elephant is a must-have addition to the Halo universe.

Continuing to make action play more exciting and even more realistic and unified, these new
toys will blow any keen Halo fan away. The introduction of a variety of new bases, structures,
vehicles and character figurines inspired by the epic XBOX franchise brings the collection to
new levels. New buildable locations allow boys to proudly display their Halo collection, as well
as being the battleground for endless hours of themed play that fully emulates the authentic
Halo Universe.

Be sure to register with the Halo Bloks Brigade at halo.megabloks.com and get exclusive access
to upcoming contests, news and more!



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