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The 2011 ‘Dream Toys’ top ten toys for christmas

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It’s going to be an interactive Christmas for kids

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Technology is continually shaping the way we live and opening up new possibilities for our ever more connected and on-line lives. Not restricted to the adult world, these advancements have helped to make the must-have toys this Christmas some of the most exciting and interactive ever, say the Toy Retailers Association (TRA).
The 2011 annual ‘Dream Toys’ list from the TRA, the industry’s official predictions of the Christmas best-sellers, is packed full of fantastic toys with a technological twist.  From high-tech tablet computers for kid’s to dolls that double as bedroom lights, and toys that can hold a conversation or that will play in a band with you, children now have the opportunity to interact and engage with their toys more than ever before.
This year’s Dream Dozen, in alphabetical order:
Doggie Doo, John Adams, RRP £22.99
Fijit Friends, Mattel, RRP £54.99
Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set, Character, RRP £29.99
Kidizoom Twist, Vtech, RRP £49.99
LeapPad Explorer, Leapfrog Toys, RRP £79.99
Lets Rock Elmo, Hasbro, RRP £69.99
Milky the Bunny, Flair, £59.99
Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station, Mattel, £39.99
Moshling Tree House, Vivid, RRP £18.99
Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, Hasbro, RRP £44.99
Ninjago Fire Temple, Lego, RRP £91.99
Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber Assortment, Hasbro, RRP £39.99
Gary Grant, Chairman of the TRA’s Dream Toys selection panel says: “This year we’ve seen some amazing technological advancements from the toy industry. This doesn’t mean to say that the toys are ‘techy’; rather that technology has been used to enrich the whole experience of play. Throughout the top 70 toys we’re also seeing a fantastic mix of the old and new – including traditional brands like Scalextric powering into 2012 with an Olympic inspired set, a board game of skill and action based on the phenomenon that is the Angry Birds app and classic characters such as Mickey Mouse brought bang up to date for today’s savvy kids. All proving that the industry continues to be incredibly forward thinking, innovative and adaptable.”
Within the top 70 toys, there is a strong representation from creative and construction toys, as well as toys that ignite imagination and action. There are old family favourite board games alongside new ones that are sure to become future classics. Licensed and character toys from the likes of Dr Who, Moshi Monsters and Star Wars remain hugely popular, a trend set to continue for some time.
Announcing the Kid’s Choice & Mum’s Choice Awards
NEW, for the first time ever in 2011 the top toys have been tested and judged by the real experts to make the Kid’s Choice Awards, the top 12 toys as rated by children.
Children were asked to put the toys through rigorous testing and to judge them based on factors including: ‘fun to play’, ‘boredom factor’, ‘coolness’, ‘breakability’ and ‘play with friends’. Resulting in the Kid’s Choice Dream Dozen (in alphabetical order):
Angry Birds, Mattel, RRP £19.99
Bop-It! XT, Hasbro, RRP £27.99
Fab Effex Variety Pack, Spin Master, RRP £19.99
Flufflings, Vivid, RRP £19.99
Gelarti Designer Studio, Flair, RRP £19.99
GX Buggy, Tomy, RRP £39.99
Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, Mattel, RRP £29.99
LeapPad Explorer, Leapfrog, RRP £78.99
Milky the Bunny, Flair, RRP £59.99
Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, Hasbro, RRP £44.99
Star Wars Millennium Falcon, Lego, RRP £129.99
Top Agents Super Racer, Playmobil, RRP £19.99
Mums as well were asked to give their seal of approval to their two favourite pre-school toys in the Mum’s Choice Awards (in alphabetical order):
Imaginext Batcave, Mattel RRP £49.99
Kidizoom Twist, Vtech, RRP £49.99
Nifa Mclaughlin from Gurgle.com who helped judge the Mum’s Choice Awards comments: “As mums we were looking for a combination of things from the winning toys. Firstly that our kids were excited about the toy and loved playing with it, but also that the toy lived up to expectations, was quick and easy to get started with and would hold the interest of a lively toddler for more than five minutes! All the toys were fantastic but we found the girls especially loved the Kidizoom Twist and the boys couldn’t get enough of the Imaginext Batcave.”
Gary Grant says “It’s so exciting to find out what kids and parents think of TRA’s top 70 toys and it’s hugely encouraging to see that there are similarities with the overall Dream Dozen, showing that us ‘oldies’ still know what we’re talking about. During the judging process it was a real battle for the top spots, with many of the toys only narrowly missing out on a place. Showing us that the top 70 is a spot on list, packed with toys of all types for all kids. Seeing the results, we know that the love for creative play, building sets and plush toys is just as strong as it is for the latest must-haves such as the LeapPad Explorer, and parents can rest assured that it’s not the most expensive toys that are the most popular, with many of the favourites under £20.”

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