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It’s the most anticipated fight in UK MMA history

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Alex “Reidinator” Reid comes out of retirement to take on Jason “Badass” Barrett at Cage Rage UK present: UCMMA 22: Warrior Creed, Saturday, August 6 at Troxy London, live on pay-per-view channel Primetime, Sky channel 480.It’s no secret that these two Warriors do not like it each other and it was clear for all to see in front of the Worlds media at yesterday’s press conference at Café de Paris. Alex Reid arrived late, which infuriated Jason Barrett. Reid arrived with a bottle of champagne, wearing an outfit that made him look like a millionaire yacht owner. Reid who is well known for press conference pranks clearly got under his rivals skin.to view the photos click herehttp://celebrityphotosuk.photoshelter.com/gallery/Alex-Reid-and-Jason-Barrett/G0000RbcU7f88e5Q/

However, once the press conference got going and Alex shared his bottle of champagne with Cage Rage UK promoter Dave O’Donnell – the questions opened to the gathering journalists and the fire works really started to go off.When Alex was asked if he will have sex before the fight he replied ‘I can have sex, but I just can’t finish’ to which Barrett jumped in and said ‘that’s why your marriage broke down’, which clearly upset Reid.Jason Barrett continued to mock Reid, criticizing his acting skills and mocked spoke Alex’s dream of being James Bond. Barrett claimed that Reid’s dream of being 007 had actually come true. The audience gave Barrett and inquisitive look as he continued ‘You are 007. In your last seven fights you won 0, drawn 0 and lost 7.’ As the press roared with laughter – even Reid had a chuckle to himself.Barrett held no punches, but also apologized to Reid and the MMA fans for some the stunts he pulled to make the fight happen. Barrett said he truly loved the sport and had to do whatever it took to make the fight happen and hopes that no one took offence and hopes no one will try anything similar in the future.When the stare down took place Alex refused to raise his hands which angered Barrett who pushed Alex in the chest. Reid was clearly angered and walked away refusing to have anymore photos done. Barrett taunted Reid and shouted ‘Come on sweetheart, come and have your photo done.’After Alex cooled down he took off his jacket and returned to the stage. Barrett had said previously that Alex no longer had the fire in his eyes to be a MMA fighter. But as the two warriors looked into each other eyes you could see the fire had returned and both fighters are ready to go to war.To watch Warrior Creed – Alex Reid V Jason Barrett live on Primetime call
0871 200 4444 or go online to www.primetimelive.co.uk
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