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another long day in the car, we went to the white horse of uffington a 3000 year old bronze age carving in the side of a hill  to take photos,it is said you can see it from miles away(that’s true  but to far away to get a good photo) when you get there is about a 10 min walk away from the car park.after you get there you will find a map telling you all about it ,uffingdon castle and the Dragon Hill  said to be the site where St. George, England‘s patron saint, killed  the dragon. The blood from the dying dragon poisoned the ground beneath that grass never grows there leaving the chalk scar that you can still see today,any way back to the map,it will say the best view of the white horse is from the dragons table ,so we set off down the really steep hill not that bad going down.when we get there  we realise they should have said it’s the best view from a helicopter 500 ft in the air!after a very hard climb back up the hill we set of to Stonehenge.when we got there it was still sunny with about a 1000 people there not that bad really  and easy to get photos if you time it right to miss people in the back ground (but there is always one in the back ground that stands out like the dude in the lime green shirt that gets in every frame all i can really say id dude why dont you have a mirror its not a good look) for those of you who dont know about stone henge its a  prehistoric monuments dating from 3,700 to 1,600 BC the stone circle is surrounded by a landscape containing more than 350 burial mounds and its a World Heritage site

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