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knuckle up the new bread 5

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well last night was a first for me i was invited to knuckle up the new bread 5 (cage fighting)in bath by the little deanjail as a VIP guest this was the first time in 20 years i have ever gone to any event to watch and not take photos ,unfortunately i only lasted about 2 minutes till i got the camera out.the first few fights were ok there was one then the first ever knuckle up women’s fight started wouldn’t want to meet either one of them in a dark ally.after the lady’s it all go going was a really good night .if you have never seen cage fighting you should go .here’s the link to their web site http://www.knuckleup.co.uk with details of their next events.If your looking for a day out or some where to take the kids try the little dean jail,you can spend days in there and still not see everything http://www.littledeanjail.com
to view all the photos from the fights go to http://celebrityphotosuk.photoshelter.com/gallery-list

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